Retail Stores Boarding up Fearing Uprising

Protecting your business is your top priority especially during these trying times. Cities across America have Boarded up their storefronts to protect them from any possible uprising, thefts, and vandalism. 

Now is the time to be innovative. No one knows how long Retail and non-essential businesses will be shut down. It will take at least a year for a vaccine for #COVID-19. Retailers need to plan for the "new normal", simply boarding your business storefront with 2x2 from Home Depot will is not enough. 
I recently moved to Seattle, WA in the early beginnings of the global epidemic.  Prior to the shutdown, I noticed Seattle is a huge support of Small businesses. There are more independent retail establishments in the heart of a big city than I have ever seen before.  They take pride in their businesses. Small Business owners are doing themselves a disservice by not branding the simple plywood used to board the storefront. The Visual Merchandising displayed at a StoreFront contributes to branding, sales, and new customers. Partnering with local artists is a great idea not only for the business but for the neighborhood/town/city visually. 

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