Spotlight On: Designer to Watch - Stylish Chef: #TheStylishMovement

I am happy to begin a Spotlight segment where I will interview and showcase up and coming Designers.  #TheNextGeneration  
This month I will be featuring The Stylish Chef as FfrenchieStyle's first Spotlight On Designer to Watch. 
Garth Cheese, The Stylish Chef combines 2 out of the 3 favorites I love food+fashion - it is my life.

1. Why Fashion? Tell me about the name "Stylish Chef Cheese"? 
  • I’ve always been into fashion, names and labels as a teen. As I grew older I learned about style and creating your own style and make it your own! The name “Stylish Chef” came from a fellow Chef I know and she said, “you’re so stylish, you’re the Stylish Chef” and the name stuck. 

2. What fashion and food trend do you dislike the most? 

  • Man, where do I begin(lol)? But in all seriousness, I dislike when I see labels and expensive brands are trending because it doesn’t show style it just says “look at me and how much I spent”. As far as food goes every year around new year’s we chefs have to deal with the diet trend which causes slow downed business.

3. Describe your style in one word? 

  • Quintessential

4. What is your goal for your philanthropy #TheStylishMovement? 

  • My goal is to help refuel and revitalize the inner city communities by educating the youth on the importance of self-worth, finance, and education.
5. What's your favorite fashion piece in your closet that you cannot live without? 

  • Oh wow, there’s a lot of pieces that I love but my number 1 Favorite is my collection of Ascots.

6. What made you want to combine Cooking and Fashion? 

  • When we go out to eat and order food we tend to take pictures of the dish and that’s because it looks nice and stylish so it’s only right that I combine the two.

7. What is next for The Stylish Chef Cheese? 

  • I’m just allowing God to lead and whatever he sees fit I’ll follow!

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