Honeymoon - Constance Ephelia

To Travel far or stay local....

Traveling and accumulating stamps in my passport is a hobby and hopefully one day apart of my professional career...

I think most newlyweds biggest honeymoon decision is... is it worth traveling clear across the world 10 hour + or travel less than 4 hours....

We decided to travel to the beauty Seychelles..

What was important to us was a hotel that was not a Western hotel chain.  After numerous Google and TripAdvisor researching we chose at the beautiful Constance Ephelia 

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Seychelles reminded me of a untouched Caribbean Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  With a mix of French, Middle Eastern and Asian influences. The sand is soft like butter and the water is as clear as day.
Do I think it's worth traveling 14+ hours to visit yes.  If we had to do it over again we would stay for 10 days.  

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