Lace Manicure

I maybe real late with my post.
While surfing thru my daily blogs I came across Lace Manicure on and after a little research I feel late :( As seen on Tracy Reese Fashion Show, glamour and other sites.
I believe a mani/pedi is like an accessory! I am not a big fan of lace but I can tolerate a little bit of lace against my skin. I think Lace Manicure is a good way to satisfy my urge!!! On several blogs there are really good DIY steps but I am not in the mood to try it.. Maybe on my days off during the holiday or not :) I will be on the look out for a manicurist in NYC area ;) I will post pics once it happens.


Tia Aye said...

I saw this yesterday, and KNEW I was going to try it out. When I do, I'll definately be posting it on my blog. Seems easy enough -- which means it's going to be a bish to do! lol

Btw, love the peacock background.

Ffrenchie said...

Thxxxx! I can't wait to see :)