Vogue September Fall 2010 Issue

Since I missed the entire Spring/Summer! The best way to start fresh is with a new inspirational Fall 2010 Season. I recently twitter "I luvvv Fall Fashion mags! I'm like a kid in Toys R Us"

While reading Halle's Hollywood article by Jonathan Van Meter, I couldn't help but to agree 110% with Halle's statement, referring to having a baby at 40 vs 21! Quoted from Vogue September 2010 issue on stands now! "I'm actually lucky and grateful that I waited until an age when I can really be present." "Nature has got it all wrong: When you are younger, it should be harder to get pregnant, as you get older it should be easier." Halle Berry

Like I said I agree with Halle Berry's thoughts but I prefer not to have a baby by natural birth after the age of 40! I believe having children after your roaring 20's is not a bad idea.

I'm curious to read what are your thoughts about having babies earlier in life vs. later?


Tia A. said...

I agree with waiting. Even though I was a wee bit shy of 30 before having my daughter, I still think folks should wait until they're at least 30 before procreating. That way, you can enjoy each other in your 20s, and then enjoy the baby(ies) in your 30s and beyond. Iono about that after 40 crap... lol

Ffrenchie said...

I agree 110% with you Tia! 30 + is fine to procreate.. If I had Halle Berry & Angalina Jolie $$$$ and hire nannies and a trainer 40 maybe an option... HA HA