The TRUTH about "Black Hair"?

I found what I believe to be a good article about "Black Hair"!

It is hard and sometimes fustrating for me to explain to a white person about why our community is ridiculously obsessed with "Black Hair". I bite my tonge all the time because I realize you have to be in my shoes to even have the basic idea of where I'm coming from.

I must applaud comedian Chris Rock for bringing light to what Black Woman have been dealing with in our communities for decades. Early this summer I heard Chris Rock developed a documentary "Good Hair" I added it to my Netflix ASAP! Even though Netflix has an "Unknown" availability date! lol.. Much to popular demand the movie will be coming to theaters in October! Ironically 2009 being the year of America's first "Black" First Family has forced many Americans to talk about topics that the Black Community has been facing for years. "can I say" taboo?

Please read and forward this NY Times article Skin Deep - Black Hair, Still Tangled in Politics... By CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS...

When will "WE as Black Women" give up the terminology of "GOOD HAIR VS BAD HAIR"?


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