hmmmmm Who Wore IT???

Now for those who watched or didn't watch the BET Awards... Someone asked me what did I think of the BET Red Carpet Fashion. Here are the top females in my opinion Who Wore IT!! I heart Alicia Keys! She can't do no wrong in my eyes! Keri Hilson looks cute, Adrienne B hmmm cute dress but not for her! I feel the dress is wearing her and it should always be the other way around! Bey looks like I don't know what! Tina Turner???? Ciara has a great body sexy dress. My votes go tooooooooo
#1 Alicia Keys
#2 Ciara
#3 Keri Hilson
#4 Beyonce
#5 Adrienne Bailon

What's your ranking?

Who do you think wore it the best?


Ms. Rhonda said...

Alicia Keys looked FAB! Loved it. I personally didn't like any of the other dresses. I would love to find a dress like Alicia's for an event I have to go to. What I like about Alicia is that her legs are not rail thin, but she always rocks short dresses that look good! Just my two scents...
BTW I Tyra's outfit would have been fab if she ws going to a meeting....wth? why was she wearing that?? I love Tyra too...oh well!

Patrice said...

I feel you Ms. Rhonda! WTH? Was Tyra thinking??? Fab outfit but great for the office not an awards show! I am on the hunt for a more $$$ friendly Alicia Keys look. You will be the first to know