The Come Back!

Every Fashionista knows fashion is a cycle!
I never throw away pieces that I HEART and I don't care how old it is because one day that style will cycle back! This month's feature of The Come Back, that is worth entertaining, I believe is the Jumpsuit! Can anybody wear a jumpsuit? YES! If you have unsightly flaws like belly, hips, and cellulite, invest in a good spanx!
On the right I have found two GREAT versions of Jumpsuit at two different price points. My favorite is the Robert Rodriguez Strapless Jumpsuit I found on ($374.00) To save money Newport News version Now $49.00 can serve the same purpose. I will definitely change the belt to add more style! Anything can be taken to your local cleaners for a little alteration to fit your body type!


wyntersr said...

Nice work Patrice keep up the good work. Blogging is like havaving a child, it requires a great deal of attention. Try and keep it going, don't lose interest, it takes time for people to catch on, hang in there.

Ebonee718 said...

So how old if your jumpsuit :~) Love them, too bad I can't rock any this summer :-/ Love the blog, keep 'em coming!